Medical Trips

Living in Northern Ontario, it is common to have to travel from North Bay to Sudbury, Toronto or Ottawa for medical check ups and procedures. Perhaps you are unable to drive, or simply don’t want to add another source of stress and hassle to your already hectic day. Stars Luxury Limousine Services has an answer for you. Our roomy, comfortable luxury sedan is perfect for times like this. We can pick you up right at your door, take you to your appointment and bring you home when you are finished, with no additional cost for the trip home. You are hiring our car to make a round trip from North Bay, so the only additional cost you’ll pay on top of our price is to compensate for our waiting time while you are at your appointment. Your schedule dictates the trip, and it is our job to make sure you get there and back safely.

You will want to call us for details and an actual quote but here are some examples:

Toronto – $500 +$40/hr wait time. This means a trip from North Bay to Toronto for a 2 hour appointment and return would be only $580 – cheaper than taking a taxi, and much more comfortable.
Sudbury -$220 + $40/hr wait time.? From North Bay to Sudbury for an hour-long appointment, then return home is only $260.
Ottawa - $550 + $40/hr wait time – a trip from North Bay to Ottawa and back with a 2 hour appointment would be $630.
These rates are for our luxury Lincoln Towncar sedan, which can seat up to 4 people.? There is no extra charge to bring family or friends along for support.

You may qualify to take advantage of the Northern Health Travel Grant program available through OHIP.? All the details about the program are here.? If you qualify, they will apply 41 cents per km traveled round trip, less 100 km.? So a trip to Toronto (approx 345 km) should receive a grant of approx $241.90.? Here is a direct link to the grant application .